Unit-Linked Life Insurance

Unit-Linked Life Insurance – is a universal life insurance, providing large personal investment and insurance covers. It is a product designed not only for savings but it also allows securing financial stability in case of emergency. This is an investment that pays off over the years: global unit-linked life insurance is valued because it provides the opportunity to take care of your and your family‘s financial future.

Unit-linked life insurance benefits:

•You save and invest in the same time;

•You can choose where to put a priority – accumulation or insurance protection;

•save investment funds with high ratings;

Insurance claim:

•When the insured person dies the highest premium in the market shall be paid, it is: basic insurance amount of life insurance, supplemental life insurance amount from the death accident (if the insured person dies from an accident) and the accumulated value.

•At the end of the period, insurance funds which were invested under the contract shall be paid together with the investment returns. The accumulated amount will depend on your choice of investment profitability trend, the level of contributions, the sum insured person selects.