Endowment life insurance

Endowment Life Insurance – an effective investment of money and support for the case of the death. Affiliated to this insurance you are financially secure in case of accident, and you can save money for yourself and your family future. The insurance sum is paid at the end of the period of insurance contract or in the case of insured‘s death during the period of insurance. After the death of the insured total amount of insurance is paid if at least once insurance installment was paid.


Insurance options:

• insuring the life of one person;

• a single insurance amount insures life‘s of two people. In this case the insurance sum is paid only once at the end of insurance period or in the case of death of one or both insured people.


People who can be insured

Contract can be made by an adult, while the insured person may be from 1 to 70 years old. Maximum age of the insured at the end of the contract – 75 years old.


Insurance amount and duration of the contact:

Insurance amount and insurance duration are chosen by the policyholder. The minimum amount of insurance – 1,500 Euros (5,180 Lt). The shortest duration insurance – 3 years. If the policyholder chooses to pay the desired fee the guaranteed amount of insurance id based on the insured person age, gender and health status. Contributions may be paid by parts.