Property Insurance – non-life insurance, designed to protect the insured’s movable and immovable property. Property insurance shall indemnify the insured losses resulting from property damage or loss. .


Property which can be insured:

  • immovable property (real estate) – a house or apartment where You live;
  • movable property – property which is inside the house. For example, furniture, audiovisual equipment, computer equipment, household appliances etc.

Property can be insured from:

  • fire, smoke, soot, lightning, explosion, controlled flying machines and their parts;
  • natural disasters: storm, rainfall, flood, hail, snow pressure, soil shrinkage, landslides;
  • thefts: burglary, robbery, vandalism (illegal activities of third parties);
  • water : the liquid spills from water supply, sewage, heating, steam piping, storm drains, aquariums if they are split etc.;
  • glass breakage;
  • malicious third person activities.


Property insurance types: legal and physical personal insurance:

  • Business Insurance – a company-owned real estate (buildings and other   structures), movable assets (production and marketing of equipment, supplies, materials, supplies, finished products, office equipment, etc..) Insurance and other additional objects (investment in buildings, facilities,     mobile assets and inventory, labor costs and speeding up, etc..) insurance.
  • Residential property insurance – the insurance is to protect individuals   belonging to the immovable and movable property from damage or   destruction. Insurance may be the subject real property and movable asset.