CASCO insurance

CASCO Insurance – it is voluntary vehicle insurance.  When the client insures his vehicle, the company pays for this vehicle damage:

  • vehicle accidents;
  • natural disasters;
  • third person activity;
  • thefts;
  • driver and/or passengers accidents;
  • roadside assistance.


Insurance payment depends on:

  • the year in which vehicle was made;
  • model and brand of vehicle;
  • driving experience;
  • insurance type.


Types of Casco insurance:

  • value as new insurance;
  • insurance without amortization;
  • current market value insurance.


Territory of insurance contract validity

An insurance contract must stipulate condition that it must meet one of the following geographical area conditions: Republic of Lithuania; Europe, except CIS countries (insurance protection is valid in Europe geographical area except the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine‘s and Moldova territory); Europe territory.